Stamped Pg. 347

1. Meyrs, Michael

2. Flanagan, W.

3. Flanagan, Logan

4. Flanagan, Jas.

5. Allen, Jas.

6. Cushen, Michael

7. Down, Jno.

8. O'Brion, M.

9. Cary, Wm.

10. Rice, Walter

11. Carrol, Pat

12. Sheehan or Shuhan, Jerry

13. Mahanny, Jno.

14. Cleason, Michael (Surname is Gleason on other census)

15. Carrol, Jno.

Same household: Osmun, Hannah

16. Yost, Jno.

17. Yost, Henry

Same household: Cawley, Elvina


Pg. 348

18. Yost, Harrison

19.Crowley, Jno. (maybe CRAULY like the ones below)

20. Mahany, Jno.

21. Crauly, Jas.

22. Crauly, Pat.

Same household: Swartz, Anna

23. Feeley, Morris

24. Smith, Andrew

25. Thompson, Wm.

26. Smith, Jno.

Same household: Armstrong, M. E.

27. Yost, David

Same household: Francis, J. B.

28. Randles, Ed

29. Yost, Harrison

30. Hickley, Wm.

Same household: Gleason, Mary

31. Downs, Jas.

32. Ganford, Thomas

33. Cunningham, Michael.

34. O'Neal, Daniel


Pg. 349

35. Curly, G.

36. Cree, Rob.

37. Keene or Kline, Jno.

Same household: Smith, Allen

38. Samons, Jno.

Same household: Rayen. Jno.

39. Emehiser, W. (but looks like Emeshire)

40. Winters, Wm.

41. Penn, Samuel (surname may be Renn)

42. Kessinger, George (might be Kissinger or Dissmyer

43. Gummo, Wm.

44. Bruor, David (in the 1880 census, this surname is spelled BROWER, also spelled Brewer in 1850)

45. Bruor, A. J. ( spelled Brower in 1880, in 1850 is spelled Brewer)

46. Shearer, S. B.

47. Caldwell, G. M.

Same household: Shearer, E. Fenix


Pg. 350

48. Caldwell, N. G.

49. Caldwell, Jeff

50. Grays, William

Same household: Smith or Smull, John (14yrs)

51. Myers, Conrad

52. Gummo, Richard

Same household: Laubach, B.

53. Reavill, John

54. Myers, James

55. Myers, Theodore

56. Dickey, Abr.

57. Ruff, Samuel

58, Mann, N.

59. Nance or Vance or Wance, Joanna

60. Toban, James

61. Morris, William

62. Jones, James


Pg. 351

63. Barr, Markus

Same household: Hanley, Henry

64. Harris, Edward

Same household: Hanley, Charlotte

Same household: Lexell, Thomas

65. Mann, Thomas

66. Hootos, Edward (index CD says Hooton)

67. Bouers, Jno. C. (index CD says Bowers)

68. Long, Joshua

69. McGowan, Michael

70. Harvey, Jno.

71. Louder, F.

72. Charlton, Jno.

73. Goodyear, E.

74. Camber, Daniel

75. Easton or Eastor, Thomas


pg. 352

76. Lench, Daniel

77. Flemming, James

78. Robinson, Thomas

79. Burk, Edwin

80. Dillen, Patrick

81. Revler, George

82. Davis, James

83. Gensel, H. C.

84. Gensel, William

85. Breon, David

86. Lauman, Richard

Same household: Edmond, John

87. White, Andrew

Same household: Wells, Harriet

88. Krider, Samuel

Same household: Murphy, John


Pg. 353

89. Shearer, James

90. Hudson, Theodore

91. Bruer, Margaret

92. Myers, W. C.

93. Pottorf, George

Same Household: Vance, Lucy (CD index had Ward surname)

94. Williams, Mary

95. Potts, Mathias

96. Driver, S. E.

97. Mantle, Alford

98. Orner or Arner, Archibald

99. Bruner, Abr.

100. Lannaser, Samuel (hard to read, had to use CD index)

101. Orner or Arner, Jacob

102. Cawling or Cowling, Hannah

103. Wilson, James

104. Packer, Robert

105. Macklin, Alex


Pg. 354

106. Carter or Curtis, William

107. Dickey, Jane

108. Zigler, David

Same household: Meyer, George (CD says MOYER)

109. Packer, William A.

110. Stoughten, Roland

111. Berry, John

112. Bossert, H. M. (this is same as BOSSERT, HENRY of 1880 census)

Same household: Marr, W. H.

113. Marr, William A.

114. Myers, S. M.

115. Stewart, James

Same household: Walter or Wallen or Wallis , R. L.

116. Huff, William

Same household: Laubach or Caubach, Margaret

117. Smith, J. D. L.

Same household: Hurl, Margaret

Same household: Guinn, Hannah

118. ___?___, U. H. H.(CD says Weslh surname)

Same household: Hevlins, Eliza

119. Miller, Henderson

120. Knights, Joseph

Same household: Myers, George

Same household: Hanscon, John


Page 355

121. Allen, William

122. Reed, Richard

Same household: Allen, Charles

Same household: Hagan, __?___ (looks like Anna, but says 4yr Male, maybe abbev. For Author???)

123. Shade, Wm.

124. Shade, Sebastian

125. Hickle, James

126. Bullock, Samuel

127. Minse, David (on 1880 census, this surname is spelled MINTZER)

128. Kenley, Daniel (this surname is also KINLEY in 1880)

129. Stair, Rob

Same household: Irvin, Thomas

130. Irvin, Rob

131. Smith, William

Same household: Staub, Margaret

Same household: Chatham, Harry

132. Harleman, Rachel

Same household: Marr, Eliza

133. Gast, James A.

Same household: ALLEN, Sarah and William

134. Wilson, Samuel

135. Killinger, William

136. Birch, Moses

Same household: Werts, David


Page 356

137. The census taker skipped this one

138. Bryerton, James

139. Stover, John

140. Smith, Amanda

141. Harleman, Elizabeth

142. Stuck , Mary

143. Berry, Widow

144. Berry, John H.

145. Berry, A. J.

146. Allen, David

Same household: Shade, Adeline

Same household: Custard, Thomas M.

147. William, James (given name may be John)

148. Seyler, Nicholas

149. Markle, Isaac

150. Benskoter, V.W.

Same household: Markle, Margaret

Same household: Dorman, S.W.

Same household: Porter, William

151. Barly or Baily, G.W.

152. Johnston, James

153. Markle, C.


Page 357

154. Fultz, Daniel (this surname is FULTZE on 1880 census)

Same household: Hanley, James

155. Treater, Rob (used index CD for this one)

Same household: Maurey, Samuel

156. Eisenhour, Henry

157. Castater, Dennis

Same household: Shearly or Sheasley, Samuel

158. Sanderson, William C.

Same household: King, Eliza

Same household: Nelson, Mary

Same household: Scott, Vic

159. Starrs, Philip (I think this name should be Styers)

Same household: Edwards, Mary

Same household: Styers, Eve

160. Sanderson, U. H.

Same household: McCrane, Anna

Same household: Cruthers, N. A.

161. Styers, Phillip

162. Wentzel, James

Same household: Filman, Smith

163. Hutcheson, Robert G.

164. McClintock, William

165. Cook, Barbara

166. Welsh, James K.

167. Romick, Henry (may also be called Harry)

Same household: Knight, Wm.

168. Agnew, W. G. F.

Same household: Aton, Nancy


Page 358

169. Wilson, John A.

170. Elder, Wilson

171. McCormick, S. Ann

Same household: Bressler, Houstin

Same household: Laudia or Laurha, Phoebe

172. Gerhart, C. R. (on 1880 census, this is GEARHART, CHARLES)

173. Garth, George S.

Same household: Aton, Rebecca

Same household: Stiver, Melissa

174. Harris, Samuel

Same household: Gurvin, Helen

175. Snodgrass, John S.

176. Stiver, John

Same household: Betts, J. L.

177. Masdan, W. A. (in 1880 census, this is MASDEN, WILLIAM)

178. Mann, Robert

179. Edmondson, Abner

Same household: Irvin, Henry

Same household: Green, Catherin

180. Hollingsworth, George

181. McBride, Ed

This concludes Bald Eagle Township