Chapman Township 1870 census index

This township was next to impossible to read many of the names and since we are all only human, there were also many mistakes in the 1870 Census Index of PA. on CD that we purchased. So we WELCOME positive CORRECTIONS from ANY OF YOU RESEARCHERS OF CLINTON COUNTY.


Pg. 383

1. Kelly, George M.

2. Huling, Samuel

3. Smith, Hugh

4. Green, James (Surname could be GHEEN)

same household: Fitzpatrick, J.

" " O'Cleaver, Jos. OR Jas.

" " Quillan, John

O'Day, Samuel

Barbi, Joseph (census CD has Surname BARBO)

5. McCloskey, John

McCloskey, McClay (census CD doesn't have this person)

6. McCloskey, A.

7. McMarny, Martin (census CD has Surname McKEARNEY)

8. Miller, David

9. Kepler, J. N. (census CD says J. H.)

10. Livingston, John

11. Kepler, Willard

12. Brooks, William

13. Whitcomb, N. (census CD has initial H., instead of N.)

same household: Curdy, Catharine (census CD says CREEDY)

Pg. 384

Fersman, J. A. (census CD says FIRESMAN)

Nazard, Egbert (census CD says HAZARD)

14. McCloskey, J.M.

15. Crottz, Thomas

same household: Burns, John (census CD says BINNS)

Barry, Michael

O'Day, Jim

Linch, Michael

Burns, N.

Thomas, Charles

McMahan, Patrick

McNarny, Mary (census CD says McNEARNY)

16. Hinds, Patrick

17. Stewart, A. D. (census CD says A. P.)

same household: ___?___, Ruth (census CD doesn't have this person

same household: Stewart, J. S. or J. J.

18. Russell, Thomas

19. Drake, G. W. (census CD says surname DOCK)

20. Harleman, Thomas

same household: Grarer or Graves, Francis

21. Herman, Michael

Herman, Cese

22. Hayes, Alhenam (census CD says surname HOYES)

same household: Kopp, Frances

23. Robbins, J. W. (census CD says J. L.)

same household: Van Donager, Joseph

Caldwell, Alphem or Alphen

McMichael, George

Conners, Cath.

Russell, Mary

Hesman OR Herman, Emeline (census CD says surname MOORE)

Bartz, J. S.

24. Sherwood, C. A.

25. Myers, Isaac

26. France, N. F. (census CD says S. F.)

Pg. 385

27. Buck, P. F.

same household: Blackwell, B.

28. Smith, McKean

29. Nelson, David (census CD says surname WELSON)

30. Gorden, John

31. Smith, James

same household: Chilson, Peter O.

32. Chilson, William N. (census index CD doesn't show this person)

33. Wertz, John

same household: Chilson, Phoeba

Witchey, Samuel (census index CD says WILCHEZ)

34. Kepler, Heinz or Henry

35. Grace, James

36. Smith, Saul (census index CD says SAMUEL instead of Saul)

same household: Pfoutz, Samuel

37.Kepler, William (census index CD says P. M.)

same household: Kooney, John

38. Bowman, Heinz or Henry

39. Noyes, C. R.

40. Hunt, P. C.

41. Commer, or Conner, Luke

same household: McCloskey, M. E.(census index CD says McClosker)

42. Smith, John

43. Smith, Daniel

same household: Myers, L. Ann (census index CD doesn't have this person)

Pg. 386

44. Chilson, Peter

45. Herman, David

46. Walton, Nancy (census index CD says WALLON)

47. Sunderland, Joseph

48. Smith, Archie

49. McCloskey, T. W. (OR J. W.)

same household: Logan, John

50. Noyes, A. C. (census index CD says MOYES)

Same household: Palmer, J. D.(OR JHO.)

Heverly, Mary

Saltsman, J.

Stewart, Robert

Pfouts, George

Wykle or Myrle, Philip

Miller, Sophia

Malqueen, Peter

51. Kepler, James

same household: Mundy, Jane

52. Taylor, Sarah

53. Fetter, E. B.

54. Ferrill, Michael (census index CD says FARRELL)

55. Riddles, William

56. Riddles, Richard (census index CD doesn't have this person)

same household: Vallen, Walter

57. Waldron, Patrick

Pg. 387

58. Wertz, Samuel (census index CD says WENTS)

59. Armstrong, George

60. Armstrong, Thomas

61. Kepler, L.

62. Bennett, Ira

same household: Bullock, Ella

McGuire, James (census index CD says McGwine)

63. Kepler, Abraham

64. Wertz, Thompson (census index CD says WERLS)

65. Kepler, Henry

66. Kepler, John E.

67. Kepler, Lafayette

Pg. 388

68. Drake, J. M.

69. Stringfella, John

70. Kepler, Jacob

71. Lewis, Job

72. Smith, J. S. or J. L.

73. Gunter, Lamuel (census index CD says GENSTER, SAML.)

74. McNeal, Charles

75. Bryan, J. W.

76. Williams, L. T. (census index CD says initial D. instead of L. T.)

77. Stavy, Steadman

78. Reese, Thomas T.

79. Peltz, Samuel

80. Nagle, J. W. (census index CD says F. H.)

81. Drolen, Thomas (census index CD says DOOHEN)

82. Mack, Michael

same household: Crisidun OR Crusedun, John (?? Considine ??)

O'Neil, Thomas

Kelly, James (CD index says KELTZ)

83. McPhearson, A.

Now what happens here, is that the census taker or photographer put the pages out of sequence, but I am going to put in correct order here. But this resulted in the CENSUS INDEX ON CD listing the rest of the names on this page, onto their PAGE #390.

In household #83 (above): Caldron, James

McPhearson, Daniel

84. Patterson, Jos. OR Jas.

McPhee, Alex (spelled McPhie)

Dunbar, Oscar (index CD says QUIBAR)

Dolmehoy, Thomas

Jenkins, Daniel

French, James A.

Harris, Matilda

85. Winship, Amos

Bearton, Raff (index CD says BEASTON)

86. Lewis, Thomas (but looks like LEUOIS)

87. Ramsey, William

88. Mole, John

89.Mole, Jos. Or Jas.

Pg. 389

89. Harret, Anna

90. Ball, Bartholomew

McKenzie, Hugh

Russell, Hiram

91. Berry, James

92. Deise, John

93. Allen, Elija

94. Wallnut (??), Saul (index CD says WALLWORK, SAML.)

95. Ralston, Sarah

same household: ONN or OHN, Isaac

96. Hall, James E.

same household: Procter, William

Crush, Theodore

Werts, D. B.

Carothers, H. (index CD says CASOTHENS, H.)

Pfouts, Doug (index CD says DAVID instead of Doug)

97. Higgins, W. A. or W. H.

same household: Gillis, William

Warren, Peter

Higgins, Joseph

Higgins, Francis

Hogan, Joseph (index CD says HOGGANS, JAS.)

McElwer, Samuel (index CD says McELWIN)

Kimball, Andrew

Kimball, Mary

98. Johnson, Lewis

same household: Scott, William & Ann

Wilson, Thomas (index CD says GIBSON)

Adams, George

Ells, John

99. Bullock, John

same household: McSheny, Joseph (index CD doesn't list this person)

Pg. 390

100. Stout, William

same household: Gorden, Dwight

101. Caney, Thomas (index CD says CARREY, THOS.)

102. Brady, John

103. Baird, W. P. (or P. B.)

104. Kelly, Barney

105. Doebler, David (index CD says HAIRD instead of DAVID)

106. Swop, Lizzie (index CD says SNOP, instead of SWOP)

Marcas, Frederick (index CD says MENENS, instead of Marcas)

Marcas, Frank (CD did not list this person)

107. Hiwood or Howard (??), Lewis

Pg. 391

108. Berry, George S.

109. Ward, J. W.

110. Watkins, Alex

Anderson, M. J.(index CD says M. L.)

111. Myers, M. D.

112. Stark, Henry


Gralton or Gratton, John

Evans, Alex

White, John

White, Edward

Greik ?, George (index CD says Greek)

McElhaney, Simy ( may be abbrev. For Simeon)

Ridcan, Ed

McElwee, William

Powers, Charles

Ryan, John

Burk, Thomas

Flicker, Thomas (index CD says FLOCKER)

Sobe, Samuel

Fish, Charles

Coffer, Benjamin (index CD says COFFEE)

Bennett, Jacob

Robinson, J. H.

Coffer, James (index CD says COFFEE)

Bradley, R. H.

Johnson, Samuel

Ruple, Jos. OR Jas.

Heverly, John

Oxford, Lewis

Fulton, George (22 yrs.)

Fulton, George (23 yrs)

___?_, George (looks like SYNISIS but index CD says SUIRES)

Thomas, Jacob

Murray, Samuel

Steiner, John

Dewese, J. C. (looks like Dwese)

Shatte, B. F. (index CD says SHATTI)

Gregory, J. M.

Bush, Francis

Parker, D. (index CD says PERKER, D.)

Birdes, James

Now the census taker shows another dwelling #, but same family # as 112

Adams, J. W.

Adams, J. B. & some younger females & children

Adams, Seth

Wright, John

English, Samuel

Sprague, John

Allen, Henry

English, W. L.

113. Burney, William

114. Jones, John

115. Welsh, J. D.

same household: Burney, Sarah (index CD didn't list this person)

Pg. 392

116. Barton, J. M.

same household: Draton, Ann E.

Lenz, G.W. (index CD says LONG)

Colebrook, Andrew

George, Jos. or Jas.

Appabe, John

117. Aldrich, V.V.

same household: Swagart, J. D. (index CD says SWIGART, C. B.)

118. Bridgens, Robert

same household: Brown, Charles (index CD says BRENN)

119. O'Connel, Patrick

120. Quigle, A. J. (index CD says Quigley, A. S.)

same household: Vincent, John

121. Humphrey, John

same household: Perry, Barney

Mulvihill, Pat

Bright, Jemima (index CD had JANE)

122. Fulsom, Andrew (index CD has A. K.)

123. Mead, Ebenesor (index CD says ELNID)

same household: Mitchell, M. J.

Dougherty, James

124. Readman, W. H.

125. Patterson, D. M.

same household: Weaver, John

126.Bassinger, John

Bassinger, Matilda

McElhaney, Samuel

Manot OR Marriot, C. B.(index CD has MEYRICK, C. B.)

Scarfi (??), William (index CD has LCONFI)

Grok (?), G. W. (index CD has GREEK)

127. Mayers, Martin

same household: Summerson, F.

128. Hains, Elizabeth

Pg. 393

129. Vincent, K. W. (index CD says R. W.)

130. King, John

131. English, J. A.

132. Kitchen, Charles

133. Crysler, George E.

134. Baily, James (index CD says BARLY)

135. Hammersly, J.

same household: Neply or Nessly, John

136. Wilson, J. R. or J. K.

137. Wilson, Samuel

138. Donohoe, James

same household: QUIGLEY, Charles (index CD has SINGLEY)

Kilburn, Patrick

Here the photograhper got the pages mixed up again

147. Welsh, Pike B.

148. Ruce or Reece, Anthony

149. Roberts, A. P.

same household: Lowell or Liwell, H. H.

Johnson, John

Barry or Barny, William

Simpson, William

Jones, Daniel

Dougherty, James

Dougherty, John

Moore, George

Reilly, George

Clookey, Charles

Littlefield, L

Knight, George

Schofield, James

Keahoe, John

Titus, James

Edgecomb (??), E. F.

Keahoe, William

Forester, E.

Crandlemyer, Charles

Eddy, E. J.

Ellison, Samuel

Wykoff, Robert (??)

Dudley, John

Brook, William

White, J.

150. Summerson, A.

151. Dougherty, D.

152. Benton or Birston, Leonard (index CD says Barton)

153. Hirsh or Hersh, Amos

OKAY, here is where the correct page picked back up from the goof above, after family #138.

Pg. 394

139. Quigley, John

140. Quigley, Michael

same household: Ledick, Andrew

141. Crawford, J. W.

same household: Burney, Naoma

142. Leshos or Lesher, W. T.

same household: Wilcox, Emma

143. Burney, John

144. Graply or Grassly, George W.

145. Evans, Jas.

146. Welsh, Columbus

Here the pages go back to the 50's again.

153. Hensh, Esther

same household: Caldwell, Annie

154. Birge, W. H.

155. Long, Marg. (index CD has Long, MARY)

156. Graham, Samuel

157. Potter, C. B.

158. Grugan, Coleman

159. McCloskey, J. A.

same household: Huff, Ann

160. Riggle, William

161. Summerson, James

Pg. 395

162. Colburn, R. H or K. H. (?)

same household: Hoover, Ida (index CD says ADA)

163. Sipe, Henry

164. Johnson, Thew (Betheul)

same household: Shady, Mary

165. Reese or Ruse, D. J.

same household: Reuben, Samuel

166. McCloskey, F.

same household: Ruse or Reese, Charles K.

167. Riggle, Samuel

168. Mayers, Norris

169. McCloskey, E. M.

170. Brandney, Leonard

171. Campbell, L. D.

172. Nulick or Melick, Nelson

173. Hersh, Thomas

174. Bradney, M.

175. Summerson, Warren

same household: Riggle, Sarah

Sumner, C. R. (1yr)(could be Summer, for abbreviated Summerson)

176. Loveland, T. B. (may be G. B.)

same household: McElwee, Mary

Cady, Henry

Pg. 396

176. Baird, Ellen

same household: McElhany, Jno.

McElhany, Barbara

177. Briggs, T. C. or G. C.

178. Cornelius, P.

same household: Johnson, Melissa

Johnson, Samantha

179. McCloskey, Nathanial

same household: Gillett, C. C.

Gillett, Myra J.

180. Farwell, L.(Lemuel) (index CD says FOREWELL)

same household: Keller, William

Rigor, Emeline

Guin, John (index CD says Ginn)

181. Farwell, Nathanial (index CD says Forewell)

182. McCloskey, E.

183. Sykes, William (index CD says Syker)

184. Barner, William

same household: Benjamin, Annie

185. Plough, William

186. Plough, Jacob

187. Plough, Michael

188. Thorp, Henry (index CD says Thoup)

189. Riggle, Daniel

190. Graham, Abraham

191. Hevner, Washington (1870 index says Waster, instead of Washing.)

Pg. 397.

192. Cornelius, Charles

193. English, Hezeki

194. Plough, David

195. Sutch, John

196. Undercoffer, H.

197. Plough, Henry

198. Beidleer (?), A. (index CD says BEIDLER)

same household: Floyd, Amon

199. Plough, John

same household: Weaver, John

Weaver, William

200. Hibbler, William (index CD says Hipler)

201. Sykes, William

202. Davis, Jacob

HERMAN (??), Leah (index CD said Vorman)

203. ___?__, Ann (Same surname as Leah, in #203)

same household: Kohler, Eli

Sullins or Sidlers, B. F.

Kugler, Joseph

Flick or Fleck, Layman

204. McElwee, James

205. Musheno, John

same household: Greet or Greek, George

206. Cornelius, Christian

Pg. 398

207. Hope, Cor.

208. Koller, K. F.

same household: Shank, Catherine

Foust, J. J.

209. Bottorf, Andrew

210. Brandt, Frederick

same household: Shaffer, Bell

English, J. W.

211. Blasser, R. E.

same household: Barner, Eliza

212. Quinn, P. J.

same household: Barns, George

Swartwood, Amos

Swartwood, Gerome (index CD doesn't have this person)

Fisher, George

Fisher, Anderson (index CD doesn't have this person)

Elliott, Walton or Walter

French, Jos.

McCann, Daniel

Smith, Saul or Saml (index CD doesn't have this person)

213. Meany, William

same household: Quinn, Mary

Bealer, Jacob

Smith, Daniel

214. Ganns, Michael (index CD says GANS)

same household: Hughs, Susan

Hughes, G. S.(index CD doesn't have this person)

Bruman, Frank

Cleveland, William

Whitehead, E.

Whitehead, Benjamin (index CD doesn't have this person)

Clark, M.

Clark, Joseph (index CD doesn't have this person)

Moodley or Moodey, George

Staples or Stapler, Hiram

Easter, W.

Spann, S.

Lamon, D.

Kissell, A.

McDonald, Tim

McGrath, Patrick

Bottorf, James

Riley, Samuel

Hipler, Samuel

Gous (?), Anthony (index CD says GONS)

Lowr or Lour, Winfield

215. Tenbrook, H.

216. Bottorf, Ellen

Pg. 399

217. Barton, Ethan

218. Caldwell, James

same household: Stout, J. C.

Stout, E. C.(index CD doesn't list this person)

Cathall, Emma

Stout, Zebedee (index CD doesn't list this person)

Mockeman, G. W.

Stout, Nehemiah (index CD doesn't list this person)

Grundy, William (index CD says WINDY, instead of GRUNDY)

219. Forewell, A.

same household: Smith, E. P.

This concludes Chapman Township