We WELCOME you Clinton County researchers to provide Dave Wallace with CORRECT spellings of these names, so he can post the correct names beside each incorrect spelling. This would enable others to find their ancestors easier. It will still be incorrect on the census film, but at least all of us will know who they really are.

Pg. 451

1.Warns , George

2.Tress , Anthony

3. Jones, Christ

4. Kale, George

5. Tyson, Jacob

6. Wolf, Geo.

7. Lamey, Daniel

same household: Schrack, Nathaniel

8. Jones, Divine

same household: Miller, Clara

Miller, Anthony

9. Bower, Jacob (or Bauer)

same household: Empy, Maria and Henry (spelled EMBICK)

10. Suple or Surrle, Adam

11. Smith, John

12. Long, Christ

13. Tyson, Benjamin

14. Reninger, Henry

15. Miller, H. K. (Henry K)

Pg. 452

16. Schrack, Jesse

same household: Slifer, Jno. R.

Slifer, Rebecca

Brune, Chs.

Shiffer, Fillyda

17. Royer, Frank

same household: Cromly, John

18. Schrack, William H.

same household: Kesler, Geo.

19. Hall, Thos.

20. Snook, Joseph

same household: Flick, Jno.

21. Daugherty, Elex. (maybe this was suppose to be Alex.)

Same household: Beck, H. L. (This is Henry L. , husband of #22 Leah Beck)

22. Beck, Leah (perhaps census taker put # in wrong location.)

23. Beck, John

same household: Wert, U. G.

24. Snook, Joseph W.

25. Goodman, J. H.

26. Snook, George

27. Reminger, David (is proper spelling, Renninger?)

28. Confer, Elias

Pg. 453

29. Krise or Rise, William (index CD says RINE)

30. Sharf or Sharp, Hugh

same household: Hunter, Jno.

31. Gramly, U. L. or W. L.

32. Shull, Samuel

33. Shroyer, George

same household: Hess, Samuel

34. Broomgart, Martin (Brungard)

35. Trump, Samuel

36. Esterline, John

37. Gramly, Peter

38. Esterline, Samuel

same household: Hartman, Fred (husband of Abby #39)

39. Hartman, Abby (again, census take probably put # in wrong place.

40. Wohlford, George

same household: Cauber, Nathan (surname may be CANTER)

same household: Wohlford, H. M.

41. Wohlford, Sophia

42. Laiman, Samuel

same household: Swartz, John

43. Neff, George

44. Snyder, J. F.

same household: Neff, Johnathan

45. Gramly, Samuel

46. Karcher, Phil

same household: Frank, William

Pg. 454

47. Frank, Amos

48. Frank, Jacob

same household: Shroyer, George

49. Shroyer, Aaron

50 Crick, Jonathan

51. Douty, Hiram

Same household: Smith, Harriet

Cince, Charles

Eawana OR Earvana, Casper

Hutchison, Loran (index CD says Lorain, but this is a male)

Palcht, L. J.

Deneworth, Jas.

Brown, William

52. Eout, Andrew (Eoute)

same household: Brungard, George

Brungard, Susanna

Courtro, Austin (index CD says COURTRE)

53. Gramly, John

54. Supold, Sol.

55. Augustin, James

56. Broomgart, William (BRUNGARD)

57. Broomgart, Z. H. (BRUNGARD)

58. Curns, Eeman (this is the way given name looks)

59. Frank, W. H. (William H.)

60. Frank, William

Pg. 455

61. Miller, Alfred

62. Moore, Elijah

63. Gramly, Phil

64. Gramly, David

65. Beck, Jonathan

same household: Shroyer, Adam (probably Schroyer)

66. Fulton, Henry

67. Schroyer, Daniel

68. Schroyer, David

69. Miller, David

same household: Snyder, Henry

70. Baner, Israel

71. Quinn, Ludwick (Ludwig)

72. Woomelsdorf, Peter

73. Galister, Charles

74.Barner, Daniel

75. Barner, Jerry

76. Ingle, Charles

77. Ingle, Samuel

78. Hofmeister, H.

same household: Zimmerman, B.

79. Culvey, John G.

Pg. 456

.80. Bair, William

81. Amm or Omm, Frederick

same household: Lupold, Lavina

Bouer, George

Ball, Samuel

Bouer, Jas.

Lesler or Lester, Albert

84. Bair, George

85. Heckle, Daniel (index CD says HEEKLE)

86. Canes, Fred

87. Reab or Reale, Albert & Hannah (surname may start with K instead of R) (index CD says KEALE)

88. Douty, Reuben (index CD says Dauty)

89. Hoover, Henry

90. Barner, Jacob

91. Rider,Samuel

92. Brown, Jno.

93. Barner, Henry

Pg. 457

94. Philip, Abraham

95. Womelsdorf, Jno.

96. Womelsdorf, Samuel

97. Brown, Samuel

98. Womelsdorf, Alex

99. Troutman, George

100. Troutman, Daniel

101. Price, Henry

102. Price, John F. (Franklin)

same household: Bromgard, Willie or Willis

103. Beck, Frank

104. Shrader, Julius

105. Brungard, Daniel

106. Englehart, George

same household: Mark, D. Wilson

107. Confer, Daniel

108. Esterline, Emanuel

109. Yeager, Jacob

110. Mark, Jacob

Pg. 458

111. Aaron, Christ. (proper spelling EARON)

112. Milner, C. W. (Charles MILNER m. Rebecca EARON)

113.Aaron, J. W. (John EARON)

114. Bowman, Jacob

same household: Currin, J. W.

115. Beightol, David

same household: Werts, Anne C.

Beighton, Samuel

Beighton, John

116. Coons, Samuel

117. Sheets, Daniel

118. Sheets, Jacob

119. Harman, John

120. Harman, Jacob

121. Graden, John

122. Motto, Adami (index CD says Motto, Adams)

123. Augussine or Anguswine, Jno.(CD says ANGUINNS)

Same household: Enishues, Leah (CD says ENISHEUS)

124. Enishues, Daniel (CD says ENISHEUS)

125. Jemeson, A.

Elder, James

Kenley, Henry A. A.

Eisenhauer, Samuel

126. missing

127. missing

PG. 459

128. Mizenger, J. W.

129. Motto, Jno. H.

130. Harman, Jesse

131. Knapes, Isaac (27yrs) (could this be Isaac Knepp, born 1847 that is buried Fairview Cem.?)

132. Knarr, Andrew

133. Knarr, Sol.

134. Empig, Daniel (Dan'l. EMBICH/EMBICK)

135. Empig, Aaron (Aaron EMBICH/EMBICK)

136. Miller, William

137. Empig, Philip (John Philip EMBICK)

138. Starick or Stasick, Frederick

139. Heninger, John

140. Berry, Jacob

141. Rockey, Jo. Thos.

Same household: Roberst, J.(NOT ON CD index)

Simcox, W.(NOT ON CD index)

142. Hort, Eli (surname may be Hart)

Pg. 460

143. Swartz, Israel

144. Empig, James (surname is EMBICH)

145. Keister, Daniel

146. Keister, M. J.

same household: Ensinger, Mary

147. Bicksler, J. S.

same household: Phelps, Sylibus

148. Bicksler, John S.

same household: Booker, Jacob

149. Bicksler, Henry

same household: Yarrison, Fred.

150. Albright, Samuel

same household: Yarrison, C.

Veneida, Peter

Yarrison, N.(CD index doesn't list this person)

151. Krape, Lucious

152. Winner, Thomas

153. Thomas, John (CD index does not list this person)

154. Geswhite, David (proper sp. GEISWITE/GUISWITE)

155. Kritz, John

156. Keister, Lorenzo

same household: Cemry, C. D. W.

Pg. 461

157. Weir or Weis, Barbara

158. Brungard, Joseph S. (married Klysta MARK)

159. Mark, Daniel

160. Brungard, Thomas

161. Brungard, John

same household: Stepheson, Maria

Spotts, Mary C.

Parker, Scott

162. Eckle, Jno. L. (surname may be Eckel)

163. Womelsdorf, John

164. Cramer, Elias

same household: Gramly, Eliza

Gramly, Addie

165. Castater, M.

166. Mark, Adam

167. Beck, William D.

same household: Mark, Polly

168. Snook, Thomas

same household: Gramly, Andrew

169. Wise, Henry

170. Wise, Adam

same household: Cole, Charles

171. Spotts, Rebecca

172. Stamm, D. L.

same household: Consolis, D. M.

Lamey, E.

173. Lamey, John

174. Smith, John

Pg. 462

175. Wolf, Samuel

176. Rodabach, Jas.

177. Adams, William

same household: Murray, Charles

178. Fiddler, John H. (proper spelling FIEDLER)

179. Fiddler, John (proper sp. FIEDLER)

same household: Williamson, S.

Williamson, John

180. Pick, N. H.

same household: McClain, Mary

McClain, Rebecca

181. Clark, William

182. Shrack, John G.

183. Shrack, David

184. Shrack, Daniel

185. Strohecker, William (index CD says STRAUHECKER)

186. Wolf, Henry

187. Frank, J. L. (this is Josiah)

188. Frank, Daniel

same household: Lupold, Barbara E.

189. Bithleum, William

190. Schrack, D. (David)

191. Schrack, John

192. Confer, J.

Pg. 463.

193. Heckman, Israel

Rodabach, Emanuel

Herlocker, Clemens

Shaffer, Minerva

194. Heckman, D. K. (Daniel K.)

same household: Wise, Caroline

McGhee, Thomas

195. Castater, William (KARSTETTER)

196. Stamm, David S. (index CD says STANNS)

197. Geyer, Augustus

198. Hopple, G. H. (George)

199. missing

200. Bauer, Jonathon (index CD says BOUER)

201. Zeller, Elias

202. Emert OR Ernest, George

203. Jemeson, William (is this Jamison???)

same household: Tress, Emeline

204. Werts, Philip

205. Garity, Thomas

same household: Dress, Amos or Omar (CD says AMAR)

Pg. 464

206. Harbach, C. C.

same household: Carts, John

Scheichly or Schuchly, Chas.

Roberson, J. C.

Emert or Ernest, J. P.

207. Waggoner, George

Rou, John (is this Row?)(index CD says RAU)

208. Keming or Kessing, Joseph (CD says Kenedy but there is no D in the name on the film)

209. Glise, John (GLISS?)

same household: Barnum, Wade

210. Martz, Julius

211. Emert OR Ernest, Daniel

212. Knarr, Solomon

same household: Mingis, Samuel

213. Crick, David

214. Brown, Henry

same household: Ross, F. M. (or T. M.)

215. Rockey, A. M.

This concludes 1870 Green Twp., Clinton Co., PA.