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Village Name Changes and Deserted Villages of Clinton  County

Deserted Villages:

Revelton (which was Revelsville)
Rock  Cabin
Halltown (one mile south of Swissdale Crossroads, became  part of Swissdale)



Village Name   Changes:

Loganton was Logansville
North Bend was Youngwomanstown then North  Point.
Youngwomanstown  (Chinis-quay-ka-non) was the oldest  name
 in the history of the West Branch Valley.
Salona was Mudtown then McGhee's  town, then Mechanicsburg
Mackeyville was Hamburg
Rote was Flat  Rock
Green-Burr was Greenville
Rauchtown was Rauch's Gap
Lock Port was  Loveland then Lockport then changed to two words.
Lamar was Belle Springs  then Yankeetown.
Dunnstown was Dunnsburg.
McElhattan was Wayne.
Swissdale was Pleasant Valley then Churchville then German Settlement.  (see Halltown, above).
Queen's Run was Quinn's Run.
Beech Creek was  Quigley's Town.
Westport was Kettle Creek.
Renovo's first Post Office was  Drury's Run.
A portion of Lock Haven and a portion of Allison Township was called Old Town.
Bellefonte Avenue was Clinton Avenue.
Avis was Oak Grove

Youngdale was Rockville